Just Bear With Me…

This blog is devoted to telling entertaining data-driven stories, with occasional personal backstory for context. My meandering, perhaps-too-detailed storytelling style inspired the title of this blog, and it is reflected in the look on poor Louis Sorin’s face as Groucho confuses him more with each new word. Unlike Groucho, however, I do get to the point. Eventually.

Posts on this blog will cover a wide range of topics, from politics to baseball, film noir to Charlie Chan, Doctor Who to public health to whatever else inspires me to collect and analyze data. Since this site is driven by my desire to tell stories, I will post only when I have a new story to tell.

And who is the storyteller?

I am a data geek with advanced academic training in political science, biostatistics and epidemiology, but that is merely the tip of my data-analytic iceberg (is that a thing?). I once wrote four papers using baseball statistics (I was supposed to be finishing a doctorate), then used them to land my first public health data analysis gig. Seriously. My film noir database already contains more than 4,800 titles, and I plan to write a series of articles from it…soon (I have now finished a doctorate). My musical holy trinity is Genesis, Miles Davis and Stan Ridgway. I grew up outside Philadelphia (Go Phillies!), but I live outside Boston (Go Phillies!). My wife and daughters keep me happy, sane and grounded. And, really, what else is there to know?

I hope you will continue to bear with me (while inviting others to do the same). Please feel free to comment in a respectful way: it really is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.