An (Electoral) College education

Imagine it is late on the evening of Tuesday, November 2, 2004. Actually, it is closer to 5 am EST on the morning of Wednesday, November 3, 2004. Since 7 pm EST the previous night, CNN has been presenting the results of the 2004 presidential election between incumbent President George W. Bush, a Republican, andContinue reading “An (Electoral) College education”

A Skeptic is Born

If this blog has anything like a unifying theme, it is evidence-based investigation. In fact, my original stated purpose was to use a careful presentation of data to answer what I felt were interesting—if not always momentous—questions. Sometimes that took the form of challenging conventional wisdom, and at other times it took the form ofContinue reading “A Skeptic is Born”

When memories defy interrogation

I first used the term “interrogating memory” in August 2017. One month earlier, I simultaneously began to write a book about the roots of my deep love of film noir, underwent genetic testing and initiated a formal request for information about my in utero adoption, backed up by my own independent research An unanticipated sideContinue reading “When memories defy interrogation”

NOIR CITY 17: New heights of noir!

The streak ended at five. For a number of reasons (including having already seen 20 of the 24 films to be screened[1]), I did not attend the NOIR CITY film festival in San Francisco this year[2]. I had attended—and enjoyed immensely—each of the previous five years after attending the 2014 festival (NOIR CITY 12) onContinue reading “NOIR CITY 17: New heights of noir!”