Organizing by themes IX: The random bits

This site benefits/suffers/both from consisting of posts about a wide range of topics, all linked under the amorphous heading “data-driven storytelling.”

In an attempt to impose some coherent structure, I am organizing related posts both chronologically and thematically.

Having run through the primary themes of this blog…

…all that remains are a few personal odds and ends which defy easy characterization, although the first two have been referenced obliquely in a few of the preceding organizational posts.

–An attempt to find the good news from the year 2016

–A literal collection of “odds and ends” from July 2017

–How difficult it can be to separate the art from the artist who produced it.

–Some thoughts on St. Valentine’s Day (spoiler alert: thumb down) followed by some absurd and funny bits.

–A sampling of my taste in fiction, based upon a Facebook challenge (show one book a day for seven straight days with no explanations):

Detective Fiction

Oscar Wilde/George Bernard Shaw

–Random facts about me

Questions asked…and answered

For my 100th post…100 random facts

–Moving experiences

Moving memories

Moving serendipity

–My struggles with the unnecessary fictionalization of history

–Explorations of my life through films:

Beautiful Girls

High Fidelity

All culminating in an attempt to rank my 100 favorite films.

And that is about it.

Well, not quite…a post about random blog posts should be accompanied by a random photograph of random things:

IMG_0967 (2).JPG

Until next time…

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