Ranking every Charlie Chan film

If what I have concluded from my intrepid detective work is correct, I watched my first Charlie Chan movie, Dead Men Tell (directed by Harry Lachman, 1941), starting at 8 pm on July 25, 1976 on Philadelphia’s now-defunct Channel 48. As you can see, it was the first film in a double feature with aContinue reading “Ranking every Charlie Chan film”

Interrogating memories of childhood fires

I have settled upon a term (and possibly a book title) for what I describe doing here, here and here. The term is “interrogating memory.” As I write this book (tentative title: Interrogating Memory: Film Noir Spurs a Deep Dive Into My Family History…and My Own), I have spent a great deal of time tryingContinue reading “Interrogating memories of childhood fires”

Querying the impossible, just for fun

As I research and write this book, I am taking a deep dive into all manner of personal documents, family books and photographs. So many photographs… Here is a photograph I rediscovered that shows my father holding me in his right arm while cupping the chin of my older sister Mindy with his left hand.Continue reading “Querying the impossible, just for fun”

Making personal connections, 60 years later

When I launched this blog last December, I intended it to be a place to disseminate all of the quantitative data analyses I was conducting for my own amusement. Such a repository, I theorized, would force me to write up the results of these analyses into short articles. Short, at least, by peer-reviewed journal standards.Continue reading “Making personal connections, 60 years later”

Where do rank-and-file Democrats (and Independents) stand on issues right now?

In the wake of Democratic underperformance in the 2016 elections (losing the Electoral College, insufficient gains to win back the United States House of Representatives [House] or United States Senate [Senate], net loss of two governorships, hemorrhaging state legislative seats), various “autopsies” were released. Some autopsies reached conclusions that contradicted the finding of other autopsiesContinue reading “Where do rank-and-file Democrats (and Independents) stand on issues right now?”